MerciDisitillery - Tortue qui court - Magasin de running à Grenoble

Outdoor, Running & Urban Lifestyle

MerciDistillery is a physical and web concept store located in Grenoble since 2016.

We offer a selection of the best Outdoor, Running and Lifestyle brands like Salomon , Merrell , Patagonia , Helinox , Banks Journal, Stan Ray… and more .

Our goal is to offer high-performance products and equipment with a distinct style, far from the generic selections of major brands.

At Mercidistillery, each product tells an adventure, each collection invites exploration, thus reflecting our commitment to offering an invitation to travel, to explore new horizons, imbued with style and performance.

Support a local shop and independent brands.

Supporting a local store like ours means contributing to the growth and vitality of our community. Here, you are welcomed as a full member of our collective.

By choosing Mercidistillery, you are investing in a platform to meet, share common passions and test the latest innovations in a friendly setting.

By distributing their collections and organizing events with them, we support independent brands specializing in running and outdoor equipment.

4T2 , Jadduu , Nosc , Peaufine , Veja created by sports enthusiasts can be found on our shelves. These brands offer innovative alternatives, with mainly French and European manufacturing.

Some of their pieces are made from renewable ecological materials and produced in limited series.

Come see us, we organize races and tests open to everyone!

We are also very proud to partner with small innovative brands from around the world such as 4T2 , Ciele, Veja, Norda, Roark Run Amok.

This association also takes the form of events such as social runs or screenings that we organize jointly. Friendly opportunities to meet other enthusiasts, to discuss our practices and to discover suitable product selections.

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