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Troika - Construction Pen - black / gold

Troika - Construction Pen - black / gold

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• This nicely weighted ballpoint pen has six sides, which ensures a very comfortable grip when writing. The Troika construction Ballpoint features an architectural ruler in both centimeter and inches, a level, mini screwdriver with both flat-head and Phillips head, and a matching color stylus.

• Ballpoint pen featuring 10 centimeter and 4 inch ruler, level and mini screw driver

• Two additional cm rulers with scale 1/20 and 1/50

• Twist-action ballpoint pen with surgical grip for easy twist

• Well balanced brass six-sided barrel

• Slotted and Phillips screwdriver (makes great eyeglass repair tool)

• Tool quality level

• Color matching stylus

• Material Brass

• Finish lacquered 

• Full metal construction

• Black Ink


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